iD8 Strategies


More People = More Complexity

As you bring on more people in your organization, more human relationships will naturally form. By adding just one more person, the level of complexity grows geometrically, not arithmetically. It is not a 1:1 relationship. A company with just 12 people has 66 potential lines of communication.

What Can We Learn from Ben Franklin?

A wise man learns from his experience – a super wise man learns from the experience of others. In 1727, a twenty-one-year-old Benjamin Franklin formed a peer advisory group he called “The Junto” that looks very much like an EO, YPO, or Vistage Forum.

Get More Done in Less Time with Lower Stress

Would you like to get more done each day feeling productive, knowing that the right work was accomplished? It’s possible, it just takes discipline and being intentional.

Wash On. Wash Off. (Karate Kid)….Work On. Work In. (Michael Gerber)

How much time are you and your leadership team spending working ON your business each week? What we find when we engage with a new client, most companies do not invest enough in this critical area to build systems, processes, and efficiencies.


What can we learn from the Lewis & Clark expedition?

Answer: Leadership lessons you can easily apply in your business. Over 200 years ago, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Lewis & Clark expedition to explore the rumored Northwest Passage.